4 reasons Amish Tripathi’s Shiva gives true meaning to celebrate Shivratri

With men and women, busy celebrating the grandeurs of Shivratri (Fastival of Shiva) in India our literary good books tries to explain the devotion in a logical manner. In doing so, what can be the best
other than the Trilogy by eminent writer Amish Tripathi. Actually, the popular mythological
book made a wave among the young minds.

Let’s remind ourselves of the Godliness of the creator:

TalkinG about the accuracy of the facts:

First of all, the book Immortals of Mehula truly sense the greatness of our India God, be it in
his virtues and/or triumphs the book leaves a fresh and long lasting impression as found in
Valmiki Ramayana. The same counts for Tulsidas Ramayana or for that sense in reference
with the other 17 forms stated in the Ramayana. Well, the glimpses also talked about some of
the fictitious mannerisms because Hinduism in real does not have a definite story about the
Great character.

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The charm of Amish Tripathi:

Honestly, Shiva’s trilogy is a perception of Amish Tripathi’s perception about the
mythological Indian God. However, it is not just a single view by him but what he did was a
masterpiece. An enigma where he represented opinions, beliefs and faith of millions of
millions Hindu disciplines.

A united choir:

The epic story brilliantly narrates Shiva valour, courage and gratitude in protecting the world
from the injustices and evilness. What has been narrated laid such a strong impression upon
the readers that people irrespective of the religion choose to read and re-read the pages. Thus,
the bestseller makes its way through the non-Hindu communities to embrace the wisdom and
moral shines of the creator. Hence, one can really call it a united choir where the concept of
the liberal virtues and the power of an Indian God surfaced in the making of this entire

Defining the role and the personality:

The magnificence of Mahadev is a part and Shiva is one of the numerous individual to
possess it. The Lord Shiva in different Mythologies may be very extraordinary. Keep in mind
the different Mythologies do not talk about Mahadev as part, rather they discuss single Lord
with numerous Avatars. Also, as per the book Lord shiva is after Lord Ram. Ruler Rams
course of events may cover with other Mahadev. Since each Mahadev require a Vishnu to
guide him or help him in crushing the fiendishness.
Thus, Shiva and the book pronounce a greater point and part among us over and over again.
The power of creation continuous…

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