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Will thumping Victory of BJP make an easy way for Ram Mandir

With a thumping victory in UP assembly election, BJP has now in the power of the biggest state in India. BJP and its alliance members win more than two third seats. In such situation, the old question again comes to knock the door, “When there will be temple of Ramlala?” or will there be any Ram Mandir? However, as per the political pundits chance of any temple in the near future is impossible. At least, until 2019 there is no chance of any temple. Many of the people raised the voice that with the clean majority, here is the best chance for BJP to fulfill one of their old agenda and the most prominent one.

Here, are few reasons why a Ram Mandir is looking yet far from the agenda

Government Vs Supreme Court

The very first problem in the way of building the Mandir is the Supreme Court itself. The matter is yet pending under the jurisdiction of the honorable court. There is no assurance that the verdict of the Allahabad high court will stay or not. In case, it will not stay and honorable Supreme Court gives some odd verdict, it can directly affect the Party in the coming 2019 general election. However, even if the Supreme Court will give verdict in favor of the temple still numbers of problems are there which the party can face.

Secular Vs Communal

The party has won the election in UP which has nearly 20% Muslim voters. Therefore, with a sudden decision of making Ram Mandir can surely affect the image of the party, which is continuously trying to present them as the secular one in spite of connection with major Hindu parties and associations.

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Development Vs Agenda

The party in the recent vote has made development as an issue and suddenly starting the Ram Mandir might give the opposition a weapon for the 2019 election. At any cost, BJP will not give such easy weapon into the hands of the oppositions. Rather they will focus on the development agenda, which is a major problem in UP.

Voting Vs Non-voting

In the coming July, the term of the present President of India is going to over and soon there will be a presidential election. In such an occasion, BJP will try to make their own man to sit on the seat of President. However, they have majority of states in their hand and so in the both houses of the parliament, they will try not go to any election and to make their person win without a contest. Hereby, poking the issue of Ram Mandir can go against them.

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2017 Vs 2019

Building of the Ram Mandir is not a matter of one or two years. It will take a good number of years. In between, if the party will loose the election of 2019, the process of temple building can be stopped and therefore it can create a huge issue for all the communities and can create a bigger problem. Therefore, before 2019, it will really be a dumb idea for BJP high command to give any nod to temple.

Past Vs Future

Finally, it is long past 1992, people of the modern generation have come far away from temple and mosque. Digging into old past will not give any positive effect as such but on the contrary, it can disturb the party image for sure. Apart from few Hindu groups and parties majority of the people are not at all having any interest in it. Therefore, it can be another possible reason of not doing any hurry in order to construct the temple.

So by looking into all the possibilities, it can be assumed that the government will not decide anything at least before 2019.

However, in the next two years if not gallons but liters of water will flow through the river Sarayu. It is really difficult to predict what the newly elected government will do but one thing is for sure that Ram Lala has to wait at least for few years more before getting established in the temple in Ayodhya. However, this time the exile is little longer.

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