SC Shocks: Where 5000 Crore for Welfare Development Evaporates

The Supreme Court in a recent case of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by National Campaign Committee for Central Legislation on Construction Labor, an NGO expressed their deepest shock in an economic swindle of 5000 crore. The bench members got their ‘shock therapy’ in the sum, meant strictly, for the welfare development of the poor went ‘elsewhere’. SC shocked as there were no evidences of 5000 crore welfare development economic scam. None can explain where the money went at the end of the day allotted for the poor.

Let’s take a deeper look

  • The Allegation: 5000 crore welfare development economic scam

To be more precise, the fund as per the statement of Controller Auditor General (CAG) in India was welfare allotments aimed at benefiting the country’s construction workers.  But it was the NGO who alleged on what the court stated later as ‘non-utilization of the huge Rs 27,000 crore both by the Center and several State Governments’.

  • Happenings at the Court

With the ongoing case, the highest judicial system of India, none other than the Supreme Court found a lack in the detailed evidence of where the expenses went by. Therefore, looking at the seriousness of the matter the Supreme Court asked CAG to submit an exhaustive account of the money within two weeks time. In response, CAG clarified that the total figure of money is of Rs 26,000 crore. They further confirmed that it was an economic fund for the construction workers’ welfare association functioning across the nation.

The trail sessions witnessed Additional Solicitor General (ASG) of CAG, Maninder Singh to state that the presence of the capital is with the State Governments. He quoted at the apex court, in front of the bench that “the money has not disappeared”. However, the jury expressed their shock and considered to audit the economic papers and submit a rough estimation of the funds.

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  • Reaction of the Judicial Bench

During the time of the court hearing, a judicial bench formed with Justices M.B Lokur and Deepak Gupta stated their concern. They told Maninder Singh, the Additional Solicitor General (ASG) of CAG “we do not know where the money has been spent. You have to ensure that it is not spent in tea or lunch”. Further, the jury uttered their fret “lot of money is involved in this. It is supposed to go to the people; instead, it is going somewhere else”. Such statements published at the DNA India reports addressed the severity of the matter to the members of the bench.

The Court found on questioning the CAG official that Rs. 28,000 crore is the rough estimation of the grants. Hence, for the most powerful judicial structure of the nation as in print in DNA India news ‘ridiculous’ became their word of expression.

  • Assumptions

Current assumptions based on the evidences surfacing in the minds of the court officials highlights on the economic misuse by the ‘Babus’. The economic non-utilization of the statutory cess of the labor classes might spent on local advertisements or promotional activities and in tea parties. Accordingly, the court asked state government to clarify on the disbursement of only 52 crore out of Rs 1314.86 crore under the Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Cess Act in state of Haryana. Similarly, Rajasthan too, found to use only Rs 59.45 crore against its pre-collected 588.36 crore.

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