You Must Try Yoga Instead of Gym! Here are 7 Reasons

On International Yoga Day, numbers of people are still in dilemma that what is more beneficial, is it Yoga or Gym. Yoga was started in India though it has now become a global phenomenon. International figures like Demi Moore, Naomi Watts, Iron Man Robert Downey Jr., Julia Roberts, Madonna and many more are fans of yoga. But why? Can’t they go to gym? Why still they prefer yoga? However, prior to give you an answer I would like to clear one thing that the purpose of Yoga and gym are not different but ways are and thus the choice largely will depend on your personal liking. However, if you yet not made a decision then you can go through as here in the following section you will be able to know that why Yoga is perfect for you.

Why yoga is beneficial than gym

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Your Age and Gender is not a matter

Yes, absolutely right. You can start the yoga classes if you are a 10 years old or 60 years old. There is no age boundary for practicing yoga. On the contrary, if you are aged more than 40, it is very difficult to go to gym and start in a fresh way. It is same with your Gender. It does not matter you are a male or female but yoga is for all. If Shiva is Adi Yogi then Parvati (Shiva’ Wife) is Adi Yogini. Therefore, do not think of your gender or count the year’s just count your zeal and join a yoga class on this International Yoga Day now.

Do it Anywhere

In the busy life schedule, it becomes difficult to make out time especially if you are aged between 19 to 50. If you are a professional, travelling can be a frequent part of your life. It is not possible for you to take your gym equipment with you. However, for practicing yoga you need only you. Therefore, the chances of having a gap in practicing yoga are next to zero. Keep losing your weight dear.

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Money Matters Dear

Yes, it is true that when it comes to money it hurts. Who does not know that how costly gym equipment used to come. Even if you are going to some community gym, it charges at least 2k-3k bucks at least. Supplements and personal equipment cost are additional. Therefore, it becomes very difficult for the common people or especially, college goers to spend such money on gym. As I know that, it is really matter for young people to look healthy and fit. But, in case of Yoga, you hardly need any equipment so young guns, why the hell you are still waiting? Run for your yoga classes (Of course after reading the rest of the benefits too).

Don’t you feel bore to do same thing

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How many variations of exercise you have tried in gym? 10? 20? 30? I think I am going too far. But do you know there are more than 100+ yoga poses that you can try? Shocking is not it? Yes, the truth is that you will never feel bore to do a yoga while can feel repetitive over the gym exercises. It will help to reduce your belly fat as well as heal your back pain in a single posture. Yes, that is the reason, you must choose yoga over a gym on this International Yoga Day.

Complete exercise

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If you do butterfly it will focus on your chest muscle, if you go for crunches, it will focus on your abdomen. You can try curls, which will surely give your biceps a good look. Or you can go for a Surya Namaskar, this will have an impact on your chest, abdomen, hip, biceps, calf muscles waist and the rest of the body parts too. Additionally, doing the Pranayamas you can have a better control over your breath. So you are doing your cardio too. Yes, this is the benefit of yoga. In a single exercise, you can have an overall complete package.

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Stay away from diseases

One of the real good thing about Yoga is that it not only makes a person look stronger but in real make him or her stronger. Yoga increases the inner strength as well as your immune system. Therefore, you will not get ill easily. So, you can save the medical bill also.

Spiritual Uplift

In the everyday rat race, we are somewhere losing our mental strength and peace. The biggest reason is that we are parting away from our inner conscious. Yoga helps us to connect with own. It uplifts us from the daily activities helps to rejuvenate the inner energy. While doing yoga, your acceptance power will increase. Thus, we remain much calm and composed during any work or stressful activities. When we became calm, we feel more closure to spirituality. Therefore, Yoga not only increases your physical but mental strengths too.

If you are reading this paragraph then you have already made your mind that you are going to yoga class for sure. Yes, of course you must, as it will give you a complete healthy lifestyle, which you cannot find in a gym.

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