Padmavat Movie: A fiction based on an allegory? Review

It is complete imagination, a fiction that is based on an self claimed allegory. Yes, this is the first thing came into my mind after watching Padmavat movie and while trying to write the review rather my view. It is miles away of historical facts, except the name of the characters, (Though still historians are in Doubt of originality of Rani Padmini).

Here is My Experience



The moment I entered the hall, found it to be filled with heads but thank god all fixed with the bodies as I Stay in a city, which is far from hue and cry of any SENA which believes in “jaisi karni waisi varni”.

The film is really an imagination of master craftsman Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Loosely Padmavat movie is based on the Malik Muhammad Jayasi’ allegorical poem Padmavat. Once the film started, it took me to the era of 13th 14th century Afganisthan but found the image of the Khilji’s strikingly opposed to the popular historical facts. As we, all know that Khilji’s are Muslim and they did not keep long hair though list of heirs remain long enough. But in the film most of the people are having long hairs along with Alauddin and Jalaluddin. Even history suggests that Alaudding was born in Bengal, Birbhum district so how he went Afganisthan only Mr. Bhansali knows.

Mr. Bhansali took his directorial freedom and cut the episode of Parrot Hiraman who told Rawal Ratan Singh (Sen) about the beauty of Padmini. The Singhal looks more like Ajanta Cave than of being Sighal. Further, the face of Alauddin looks more like a leader of bunch of hunters than the Sultan of Delhi with too many scars on the face.

Another thing that shocked me it that the dress of Alaudin during war as it looks like made of wool and the war is happening in March or April after Holi. How a person can wear woolen things in the scorching heat of dessert? Obviously, he had to be a mad.

In many adaptations it has been found that Ratan Sen himself told Rani Padmini to show her glimpse on water body. However, the Padmavat movie tries to show the queen in greatness and therefore she offered to be come in front of Alauddin. Here another contradiction of the character of Padmini we can see in the film. As in very prior to this episode, Padmini told Ratan Singh about the possible grey motives of Alauddin but then suddenly she readily agreed rather offered to show her glimpse through reflection?

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In the scene where Ratan Singh was captured by Alauddin is somewhere out of mind. As the previous scene showed that, the tent of Alauddin is empty and it is only made of cloths, which can be look though, but from nowhere heavily armed Alauddin men came and the people of Ratan Sen standing outside of the tent are having no clues about it. Seriously? Is this a joke? Even they took Ratan Singh in the mid of sand storm but the Rajput warriors who belong to that land could not follow him up? And the sand storm only remains to the back of Alauddin tent? Why? Was there are Laxman Rekha?

In the last fight scene, I saw a glance of TROY. However, the fight scene really failed to justify the valor of Ratan Singh. Even when Alauddin entered the fort, he got only resistance from the women then he ran across the wall and reached the place of Juhar but there no one tries to stop him but only shut the door as well as the door of our mind too. Another striking point is that Alauddin reached the Juhar site from the battlefield but it took such long for Rani Padmini to reach Juhar Kund.

I cannot deny that Padmavat movie indeed a magnum opus of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and crafted with acting of Ranbir Singh, Deepika Padukone, And Jim Sarabh (Sahid Kapoor: Hope I can say the same about him too). Ranveer is looking menacing in Alauddin attire where as Deepika is stunning in Padmavati looks. However, one cannot expect any historical facts from this film and I am totally agreed to the disclaimer that it does not have any connection to history.

Final Words

Finally, I can say that if this is the story of the Padmavat movie then why some people are creating issue to this. Even if they would point out the flaws of the film, I could admit that they were talking sense. Nevertheless, apart from these flaws at least I did not find any other issues. However, al together I can say that it is not a Padmavat movie review but my view on the film from an audience point of view. If you are having your views please share it on comment box.

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