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5 Street Foods in Jalan Alor You Must Try

A country’ culture truly reflects through its food habit. If you are keen to explore the food habit of any place, my personal recommendation is to go and taste the street foods. These foods have the local taste. During my recent visit to KL (Kuala Lumpur), my taxi driver as well as my guide Mr. Iftikhar suggested me to taste the street foods in Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang, the most happening night market of Kuala Lumpur. Being a food hunter (that’s what I prefer to call myself) I couldn’t resist myself from going there.

I found that it is nothing but a treasure trove of foods and paradise for the food lovers as I entered the place. It was all about food, food and food. I have tasted different dishes, some are good, some are okay.

Here I am pointing out the best 5 street foods in Jalan Alor

Dim Sum

dimsum street foods in jalan alor

Start with the Dim Sum. Handmade Dim Sum is one of the must-try street foods in Jalan Alor. You can get the different variety of dim sum starting from prawn, fish, chicken, beef etc. It was the colours of those dim sum those attracted me more than of the taste. Starting from green, violet to yellow, pick it up as per your taste and choice. However, for taste it also deserves a thumbs up.

If not satisfied, here are more.

Barbecued Chicken Wing

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You won’t believe, even while I am writing, I can still feel the taste. This will be your must pick while you are roaming at Jalan Alor in the evening. You will get a perfectly grilled chicken wings over the charcoal, which injects a smoky flavor within. Among several stalls, the best one you will get at Restoran Wong Ah Wah. Once you will take the bite, an explosion of taste you can feel inside your mouth. A perfect texture makes it one of the shining jewels of Jalan Alor.

Do not let your appetite to satisfy, as there are more to come.

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It is a simple grilled chicken or beef (as per your choice) but while you taste it by dipping it into tasty sauces (free with it) you cannot resist yourself from ordering another set. The moment you will put the stick into your mouth nothing but a heavenly feel will surround you. I tasted the chicken but you can have the same feeling when you will taste the beef (saw the same facial expression who tried beef satay).

If you are done with chicken, beef and lamb then here is a fish dish coming next that you cannot miss.

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Otak Otak

otakotak - jalan alor

Another hidden gem of Jalan Alor is Otak Otak. It is a grilled mackerel fish marinated with some special sauces wrapped in a palm leaf. You can smell a flavour of the leaf in the tenderly cooked fish during unwrapping it. You can get as many as 3 pieces of such in 10 RM. Take my suggestion you must try this one.

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If you are done with spicy and salty things, finish your tour of Jalan Alor with this special dessert.

Coconut Ice Cream

You will get an ice cream served in a tenderly mature coconut with lots of toppings including choco chips, marshmallows and more. You can select the favourite scoop from the different range of flavours. You have also the choice of selecting the number of scoops. As many as 4 different scoops you can add to your coconut bowl. If I am not mistaking, it costs 12 RM for four scoops.

coconuticecream jalan alor glocal thoughts

These are some best street foods in Jalan Alor those you can try. In addition, you can also give a try to chicken fingers, lamb barbecue and many more. You  can visit the street market after 2 pm but I will recommend you to visit after 6 pm. It remains open till 3 am in morning. So enjoy this night market of  Bukit Bintang as much as you want. However, apart from the street foods, you can try the local main course dishes too.

Finally, I can say that Jalan Alor is a foodmine and as much as you dig, you will get more and more. If you have tried something else, please do share in comment. If you like, please share it with your friend too. If you are planning for a short visit to Kuala Lumpur in 3 days, you can click here.

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