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5 Killer Tips for Increasing Online Sales In 2019 of E-Commerce site For Entrepreneurs

In this competitive market, all the e-commerce companies are striving for generating higher revenue by increasing online sales.

Reputed online companies spend on customer acquisition, which is an expensive way. No doubt, it is very difficult for entrepreneurs.

Therefore, you must look for the ways, which will work for customer acquisition and simultaneously generate profit for you. Remember that only the increase in online sale will not be going to benefit you.

Remember that your loyal shoppers are 5 times more valuable than the new one.

It is little difficult to convince the new customer thus you must improve your funnel by selling to both new and old customers.

Followings are proven methods for increasing online sales.

Tricks to improve and increase E-commerce Sales and Increasing Online Sales

increasing online sales

Modify the Email list

As I mentioned, it is important to focus on your loyal customers. The most convenient way to reach the customers is via mail. However, an email must have a pitch, as you will surely not want your emails to go in vain.

Here are some more tricks to optimize your email.

Recommend your customers relevant product. You can check the behavioral pattern and based on that you can recommend a product for purchase. According to a poll, 80% of consumers like when retailers send a recommendation.

You can inform the new offers through your email also.

Ask for feedback from the customers of the earlier purchased products. It will help you in two ways:

  1. Customer will feel good about the company
  2. You will learn about the buying experience and can improve it

Finally, you can also send some sort of discount coupons with your mail. It will encourage your client to make another purchase.

You can also apply these tricks to the new email subscribers.

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Make your customer to feel special

Who doesn’t enjoy feeling special? If you are approaching a customer with a special deal or a customized tailor deal, the chance of conversion increases. But remember the competition is high so everyone is trying to grab the attention of the customers.

If you do not want your offer to be lost in the oblivion, you must reach your client. Here are some ways you can utilize to reach your audience.

  1. You can use a pop-up to reach your message to your clients. A proper call to action button can send your clients to the products, which can lead to more conversion.
  2. You can put an info bar on the top of the pages, where the promotional offer will continuously display.
  3. You can put the offers on display of the sidebars. Sidebars on the website can do wonders when it comes to increasing online sales.

However, if you have a mobile app, do not miss to send notifications.

Offer minimal products on landing page

How many products did you use to display on your home page? It is obvious as entrepreneurs try to display as many as possible in the least span of time.

increasing online sales
Minimal Content on Landing page

But do you think that it is the right way to do it? Imagine if you have to see 10 products within 30 seconds, the actual time that you are focusing on each product. Nevertheless, if you will check 3 products within 30 seconds the span of focusing on each product increased by 3 times.

Researches show that offering minimal products at a single place always redirected to a higher volume of sales. When you are displaying a few products with good details, the chances of conversion is more.

The result is increasing online sales.

Make your Content powerful

What do you see first when a message pop-up on your screen or a notification come?

Let me guess, it is the first line, tagline or the headline. Am I right?

Well, I am not a magician or anyone needs to be one to know this. In 99.9% case, it is very common that people will look for that.

It is true that headlines used to have an impact on the customers. If your headline will grab the audience attention, 50% work is over. A perfect headline combines the main problem of the audience and the effective role of the product in solving that problem.

For an example, take a headline:

“Get 30% discount on leather Jackets – Limited period offers.”

Here, money is the problem, and the 30% discount solves the problem. We all love premium leather jackets but often take steps backward for the price issues. However, when you are offering a good discount, it provokes the customer to buy the product.

Therefore, the chance of clicking on this headline is more.

You can also put encouraging plan name if you are selling the plans. One of a quick example is the below image.

increasing online sales

Therefore, you must focus on the content creation also if you are looking to increase online sales 2019.

Focus on the Customer, not on Product

I have seen in a number of websites that e-commerce companies try to push the products though clients are not looking for it.

Most successful websites are those, which focus on the clients. If the content is client-oriented, the chances of conversions increase more.

In case of pitching with “I”, the client will soon lose the interest. Therefore, you must use “You”. It is a more personalized approach, which appeals more to the client.

You can try to introduce the reward system. It will also help your clients to stick to your site.

And, as I mentioned in the start that loyal customers are always beneficial.

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Final words

Finally, when it comes to increasing online sales, you must understand that several things play the role together. You have to combine all the tips together to get a fruitful result.

Remember, it is a competitive field so you have to try those techniques, which others did not. You have to approach the customers in a unique way.

All the above recommendations are based on tasted result though the result may vary in different cases.

Do you find any other tricks? Or want to share any tips? Please feel free to share in the comment box.

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